Downy 540ml Refil Indoor Dry

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Downy 540ml Refil Indoor Dry Downy Detergent Powder & Liquid
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Downy Expert Indoor Dry Concentrated* With Antibac Power, Fights Musty Odors+ *Based On A P&G Technical Freshness Test Comparing Downy® Vs. 4X Amount Of Dilute Fabric Conditioner. Graphic Compares Items Of The Same Net Content. Applied For Thailand, Malaysia, And Philippines Markets Only. Mild Refreshing Jasmine Scent!. With Antibac Power, Fights Musty Odors+ +Helps Prevent Malodor Causing Germ Growth In Indoor Dry Wet Conditions. Use Everyday For Your Whole Family! Can Be Used For Indoor Dry Malodor!. Prevents Malodor On Socks! Can Be Used For Papa’S Shirt And Stale Malodor!. Prevents Growth Of Germ+ That Causes Indoor Dry Malodor! Germ That Causes Indoor Dry Malodor. Downy® Indoor Dry Prevents Germ Growth Leaving Gentle Scent Behind!. Neutralizes Full Day Malodor! Gentle Jasmine And Sophisticated Lily Scent All Day!. Malodor Prevention Power That Lasts Until Night! Malodor Prevention Anti Static.
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